Remembrance of a great meal past!

It’s a lazy Sunday, I could do lots of things like de-cobweb the house or clean the car, but as always my mind turns to food!

Last year I was unexpectedly invited to a French neighbour’s house for supper.  We were going to eat what ever he had prepared for himself for that evening.  What was so amazing was that all five courses were cooked on the top of his wood-burning stove, which was in his kitchen and was his only source of heat.  It was a truly humbling and amazing experience and I  felt really honoured to share his meal.

Anyway, today I thought I would re-create on my own wood-burning stove the very same meal!  It’s taken me six hours to do the simplest of meals but it’s been great fun and hasn’t cost me anything in gas or electricity!!!!

What we had was:

Duck soup (made with the carcass and a few leftover vegetables)
That took me two hours!!

Braised endive (otherwise known as chicory, in butter and stock)
That took me an hour!

Duck breasts (slowly pan fried, skin down, for 20 minutes, fat drained off and then turned over for five minutes)

Potatoes stewed in the aforementioned duck fat with a few cèpes and chopped garlic thrown in and served with a sprinkling of parsley (sprinkled of course from a great height and with a finishing flourish that would have impressed any Michelin-starred chef!!)
That took me another hour and a half!!!

Dessert was a sweet omelette, flambéed with eau de vie.

Remembering the original meal  was a real pleasure and re-creating it was great fun, running backwards and forwards all day, stirring and moving pans around.  Eating it was good too, but being there was better.

But what a great thing to do on a day when you really don’t want to do any housework!!
Try it!

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