UK for Christmas – with luck!

I’m getting ready today for our trip back to the UK for Christmas, mainly to see our children and families, but also to get more supplies of some of the spices and ingredients that are so difficult to get hold of in France.  There’s a fantastic store in Southampton – International Foods – that stocks most of what I need (it’s the best use of an old Woolworth’s I’ve come across yet!  You’ll find a link to their website on the right), but you’d be surprised what you can find in the Asian Foods section of Tesco’s larger stores these days.

The only fly in the ointment is the weather.  Bison Futé are showing disruption on the roads in Northern France with more snow tonight.  And the South of England is about to get another white-out.  So getting from Kent to Southampton on Wednesday could be a bit of an ordeal.  We aim to be back in the Dordogne on the 29th, ready to handle orders for the New Year Special (see below).  Fingers crossed!

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One Response to UK for Christmas – with luck!

  1. Caroline says:

    Hi Julie
    What a great website. I am planning to try the pork very soon.

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