Le Lunch Club diary for April / May

This evening we have 20 people coming for a Curry Soirée Supper Club – Beef Rendang, Thai Green Chicken Curry and a Fragrant Vietnamese Salad.  We’re also full for Easter Sunday roast lunch.  So perhaps it’s time to publish the diary for April and early May: two traiditional Sunday Roasts, and Indian curry supper and – wait for it – an Asparagus special!

curryqueen april-may 2015

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Je suis revenu de l’Angleterre et j’apporte des currys authentiques à la Dordogne

D’accord, c’est vrai – je n’étais pas là, mais je suis revenu et j’ai une nouvelle entreprise, qui se situe près de Hautefort.  Elle s’appelle Le Lunch Club et pour l’instant je cuisine des déjeuners anglais traditionnels deux dimanches par mois et, bien sûr, du curry : le Curry Soirée Supper Club se rencontre le dernier vendredi du mois dans le salon jardinière de Le Bac à Chourgnac d’Ans (voir la carte ci-dessous).  Si vous voudrez des infos (j’afficherais des menus pour avril et mars très bientôt) ou si vous voudrez venir, SVP me joindre à chez.julie@yahoo.co.uk.  Ou vous pouvez me rappeler à  J’ai l’intention de renouveler ce blog plus souvent dès maintenant, donc il y aura des histoires à suivre – rester en contact !

carte pour Le Lunch club

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I’m back – and I’m still bringing authentic curries to the Dordogne!

OK – so I’ve been away, but I’m back and I have a new venture, based near Hautefort.  It’s called Le Lunch Club and I currently cook two traditional British Sunday lunches a month and, of course, curry.  The Curry Soirée Supper Club meets on the last Friday of each month in the Garden Room at Le Bac, Chourgnac d’Ans (see map below).  If you’d like details (I’m posting the menus for April and into May very soon) or if you’d like to come along, please contact me at the email address above or at chez.julie@yahoo.co.uk.  Or you can call me on  I hope to be blogging a bit more often from now on, so watch this space and keep in touch!

map to le Lunch Club

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Back at the Star for 2014

After a couple of years running an iconic Yorkshire Dales pub – www.thefalconinn.com – with Peter, I’m currently back in the Dordogne and cooking at the Star Inn in Périgueux on Saturday nights.  So far, we’ve had a Christmas Curry Feast (Indian) and and a Thai banquet, both of which have gone down very well.  I’m doing Thai again tomorrow, either Indian or Malay/Indonesian on the 18th and I’ll be doing another Burns Night on the 25th January, so if you want to come along to any of these, please contact Bev at the Star (05 53 08 56 83).


While I’m writing this…


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Remembrance of a great meal past!

It’s a lazy Sunday, I could do lots of things like de-cobweb the house or clean the car, but as always my mind turns to food!

Last year I was unexpectedly invited to a French neighbour’s house for supper.  We were going to eat what ever he had prepared for himself for that evening.  What was so amazing was that all five courses were cooked on the top of his wood-burning stove, which was in his kitchen and was his only source of heat.  It was a truly humbling and amazing experience and I  felt really honoured to share his meal.

Anyway, today I thought I would re-create on my own wood-burning stove the very same meal!  It’s taken me six hours to do the simplest of meals but it’s been great fun and hasn’t cost me anything in gas or electricity!!!!

What we had was:

Duck soup (made with the carcass and a few leftover vegetables)
That took me two hours!!

Braised endive (otherwise known as chicory, in butter and stock)
That took me an hour!

Duck breasts (slowly pan fried, skin down, for 20 minutes, fat drained off and then turned over for five minutes)

Potatoes stewed in the aforementioned duck fat with a few cèpes and chopped garlic thrown in and served with a sprinkling of parsley (sprinkled of course from a great height and with a finishing flourish that would have impressed any Michelin-starred chef!!)
That took me another hour and a half!!!

Dessert was a sweet omelette, flambéed with eau de vie.

Remembering the original meal  was a real pleasure and re-creating it was great fun, running backwards and forwards all day, stirring and moving pans around.  Eating it was good too, but being there was better.

But what a great thing to do on a day when you really don’t want to do any housework!!
Try it!

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Stylish gadget for the kitchen

My friend and neighbour Perry Lancaster is a really talented woodcarver and sculptor.  Much of his work is of birds and animals – you can see his site at: http://www.perrylancaster.com

But now, Perry has come up with a wonderful new gadget for his kitchen which I thought I’d share with you.  It’s a very stylish knife rack.  Like most wall racks, it’s magnetic, but being made of polished hardwood it’s much more stylish and doesn’t damage your knives.  This is what it looks like:

Knife rack by Perry Lancaster

The price is still to be confirmed, but Perry’s mentioned it will have to be £40+.  Nevertheless, that’s good value for a craftsman-made, well-designed piece of furniture which will help preserve your favourite knives – they are, after all, the most important bit of kit in any kitchen and can cost hundreds of pounds.  Highly recommended!

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A bit of attention

A few weeks ago, I mentioned I was due to be featured in the French Week newspaper and the article duly appeared in the 17th December edition.  Unfortunately, thanks to a strike somewhere in the supply chain, we weren’t able to get a copy down here in the Dordogne.  Thankfully, Gemma Driver has now sent me a PDF copy and I’m really pleased with the way it’s turned out.  Thanks too to French Week editor Miranda Neame for giving me such prominent coverage:

French Week 21 Page 12

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